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Oregon Electrathon

The Los Altos Academy of Engineering is once again competing in the yearly Electrathon. Differing from the past year's tradional venue in Florida, LAAE has taken to new challenges in Oregon for the 2015 race. On May 23rd - 24th, we will be bringing Speed Racer and Volt to compete at the Portland International Raceway's Electrathon. Each day of the two day race consists of two one-hour heats. In addition, the race course is a road course consisting of multiple contours and curves, contrary to the standardized half-mile oval loop our team faced in the previous years. The objective of the race is not to have the highest speed, but rather to be the most energy efficient. Therefore, our goal for both vehicles is to complete the maximum amount of laps within the one hour heats.

LA Fund Racing

This year the Los Altos Academy of Engineering has started a new fundraising program known as LA Fund Racing. This fundraising program will be hosted by Los Altos Academy of Engineering and Irwindale Speedway. Members of LAAE will be selling "Adventure 20" tickets which will go for $150 each. A portion of the proceeds will go to LAAE. With the "Adventure 20" package, participants get to drive 20 laps around Irwindale Speedway without a pace car and no instructor in the vehicle. The participant will also receive a full safety instruction course from professional racing officials and drivers as well as being suited up in full racing gear and wired in for in-car communication. Only people 18 and older may use the "Adventure 20" Package. Pamphlet can be found here .


The Los Altos Academy of Engineering has decided to attend the Portland International Raceway Electrathon this year. The competition will be held in Oregon on May 23-24 and we will need funds of roughly $10,000 to cover the expenses. Starting at donations of $10, you can support us by "adopting" a Los Altos High School Engineer. As an "Adopt-An-Engineer" sponsor, we will include your personal message of fifteen words or less in the upcoming newsletter. Our newsletters contain information regarding our recent activities and events! With your generosity, we will be able to fund this year's project and travel expenses. If you are interested in adopting or donating, please contact us or any of our engineering students.

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