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Emerald Coast Electrathon

The Los Altos Academy of Engineering once again competed in the 2014 Emerald Coast Electrathon. Both electric vehicles greatly improved their performance in comparison to last year’s performance. LAAE brought Speed Racer and Volt to compete in this Electrathon. Speed Racer placed 5th overall while Volt placed 11th overall in the high school division. The trip was very successful and the students learned a lot. Here is a video showing the students’ adventure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLDKV3yz6Ws

LA Fund Racing
       This year the Los Altos Academy of Engineering has started a new fundraising program known as LA Fund Racing. This fundraising program will be hosted by Los Altos Academy of Engineering and Irwindale Speedway. Members of LAAE will be selling "Adventure 20" tickets which will go for $150 each. A portion of the proceeds will go to LAAE. With the "Adventure 20" package, participants get to drive 20 laps around Irwindale Speedway without a pace car and no instructor in the vehicle. The participant will also receive a full safety instruction course from professional racing officials and drivers as well as being suited up in full racing gear and wired in for in-car communication. Only people 18 and older may use the "Adventure 20" Package. Pamphlet can be found here
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